What is YouBridge ?

YouBridge is a unique Belgian project whereby you can donate money to buy laptops that will then be sent to specific individuals in developing countries. Once these laptops have been received you can interact with the individuals on a tailor-made online social network.

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YouBridge’s mission

YouBridge’s mission is to create opportunities for youngsters around the world thanks to its unique platform. When young people have access to information and get connected on YouBridge’s multinational social network, they take charge of their education. Together they learn, share, create and collaborate, and become connected to one another, to the world, and towards creating a brighter future.

Our partnership

We are really proud to announce that since January 2012, The Coffee Club has become a permanent partner of YouBridge. Specifically, this means that we will be sending funds every year to buy laptops and send them to Tanzania. We already work in close connection with Tanzania via the fair trade system, as some of our coffee comes from the Kagera region in the north-west.

These laptops will be given to schools, universities, hospitals, and non-profit local associations. Moreover, to start this great project, we have decided to offer the first laptops to The Hekima Girls School, a school which we already support through the Fairtrade premium system.

Thanks to the YouBridge project, this school, like others, will benefit from modern hardware, which we hope, in turn, will significantly raise the level of education.

As a “member of The Coffee Club”, you are already contributing to this project, but if you want to do that little bit more, you can make a donation directly via our webpage


where you will also find more information about the YouBridge project and the people who have already received their very own laptop.


Thank you very much for all your support.