Coffee from bean to cup

Delicious nectar for some, poison compared to opium for others, since coffee’s first appearance in the West around the 1650s, it has known many ups and downs and caused lots of debate. Since then, one must admit that coffee has acquired quite a singular status in our everyday life. From a large cup of coffee in the morning to an espresso in the evening, coffee denotes various moments of the day and has become a symbol of pleasure and conviviality.

Nowadays, coffee is prepared and enjoyed in almost all countries around the world, but beyond its multitude of existing methods of preparation, coffee is both a fine and complex product that requires lots of attention and know-how regarding its processing, from start to finish.

The economic aspect of this process is not insignificant, and is sometimes in a fragile state of balance, especially for the small producers who are all too often the victims. The Coffee Club has always shown its commitment to the fair aspect of the coffee trade, and we are proud to be able to say that in 2002, it was the first restaurant chain to offer certified Fairtrade Max Havelaar coffee in Belgium.

Recently, we wanted to know even more about the origin of our coffee and so we asked Max Havelaar Belgium to go together to meet some small producers, farmers’ families, and people in charge of co-operatives. We wanted to experience things first-hand and then bring back a significant amount of accurate information to share with you.

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This exceptional voyage led us to Tanzania, one of the two countries that provide us with the coffee blend you drink at The Coffee Clubs. We followed one of the coffee routes for several days, going up and down tracks between Kilimanjaro and the Kagera region, situated northwest of the lake Victoria.

This journey of great cultural value, and often intertwined with a large amount of emotional intensity, strengthened our ever present convictions in favour of Max Havelaar. This organisation works every day to improve the living conditions of the South’s producers through the means of fair trade and sustainable development principles.


We hope that by glancing through this “From bean to cup” page, you will be drawn into a journey that will compel you to discover the wonders of the world of coffee, from its cultivation right up to savouring its many tastes…

At The Coffee Club, serving the best coffee every day is our motto and has been ever since the very first day that we opened, a passion that we hope to share with you…